Independent Research

Independent Research from BWS Financial


  • BWS Financial is a Los Angeles based independent stock research firm, which focuses primarily on undervalued companies with little or no street coverage.
  • BWS Financial focuses on companies holding much potential within their industry or are going through a change not well understood
  • BWS Financial’s strategy is not to only specialize in a particular group of stocks, but to also provide investors with insight into other ideas where there is considerable misvaluation.
  • BWS Financial constructs its own earnings models incorporating different scenarios, which could differ from the respective company’s own guidance
  • Don’t shy away from controversial stories


  • BWS Financial is independent in its research and does not own stock in the companies covered.
  • BWS Financial does not get paid by the companies mentioned removing conflict of interest. BWS Financial issues Sell Ratings when warranted.
  • BWS Financial follows the companies covered extensively providing investors with as much information as possible.


  • BWS Financial utilizes a generalist approach to finding ideas, but has a specialty in industrial, technology, media, and telecom
  • BWS studies companies inside and out and provide investors independent research to use in making investment decisions.